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The Creators

Book 3: Brink of Life Trilogy

...the writing is focused, intelligent, and often eloquent….

Blueink Reviews

A teenaged Natasha Takana seeks to decode the remainder of the hidden DNA code that became the basis for a new religion reviving Creationism in A Stand-in for Dying. Her quest takes her on a voyage to a parallel dimension to learn the fate of the Creators' civilization.


The conflict between the warring factions of Brink of Life is rekindled, sweeping Natasha into the middle of it in a pursuit that crosses the boundaries of worlds and time.


This trilogy-ending science fiction title makes an entertaining case for the beauty and dignity of life cycles, suggesting that there's a rhythm to living that can only be unlocked when an end is promised.

Foreword Clarion Reviews


Moskovitz again has created an action-packed story that is novella length but contains everything needed for a good story...that makes you think and hope that we're doing the best that we can. Star Rating 5/5

San Francisco Book Review


The narrative is done in an exciting and confident tone, with crisp and beautiful prose punctuated with engaging and plot-driven dialogues. 5 Stars  (Reviewed combined with Brink of Life)

Readers Favorite