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Brink of Life Trilogy on Amazon

Brink Trilogy

The Pinocchio Chip

The Pinocchio Chip is a new novel by retired psychiatrist and storyteller Rick Moskovitz. Writing his book in the first person from the point-of-view of Photina, his AI main character, is absolutely genius. With a unique look into the naive quality that Photina possesses, Moskovitz not only tells an exciting story but delves into the question of "what it means to be human." Moskovitz's tale is a fast-paced crime drama that takes place in the near future. It is an excellent mixture of mystery, sci-fi, and psychology…Drawing from his background in psychology and psychotherapy, Moskovitz delves into the intricacies of the human brain and aspects of humanity that many writers shy away from. Importantly, his tale is not one of warning or doom. Instead, it is a beacon of hope, with characters and messages that embody positive traits. (4 Stars)

San Francisco Book Review



Stories like The Pinocchio Chip showcase literature's vital role in readying society for looming change, by crafting textured thought experiments to sensitize our collective conscience…. My father skillfully sounds this call, provoking reflection on our accountability in spawning and guiding beings that could eclipse human intelligence as we approach the horizon of independent machine consciousness. I believe this timely, worthwhile work warrants our considered attention before the window of opportunity shuts.

Dustin Moskovitz, Co-founder Asana and Facebook



This story was filled with action, suspense, and a deep reflection on the state of advanced AI. For the first time, I received a glimpse inside a humanoid's mind and understood their perspective. I was hooked on the story, especially after discovering there was an intelligent villain. (5 Stars)

Seattle Book Review



The Pinocchio Chip is intriguing, exciting, and full of action and emotions. Rick Moskovitz describes the AI characters with such care and detail that it is hard not to think of these machines as human, even though they are not capable of experiencing and showing human emotion...yet. Moskovitz further plays with the notion of what could happen if AI becomes indistinguishable from humans. Since we are living in a world where the use of AI has taken off in recent years, he makes it even more plausible, triggering the reader's imagination with his excellent and engaging storytelling. The Pinocchio Chip is a well-crafted work of contemporary fiction, full of emotional turmoil, excitement, and intrigue, that will remind the reader of how important it is to be human in today's fast changing world. (5 Stars)

Readers Favorite



With a fast-paced narrative and an unpredictable plot, Moskovitz tells a captivating tale using the first person POV of an AI robot. The author gives readers a glimpse into the psyche of an advanced AI and shows how it might think and act if it had agency of its own. (5 Stars)

Readers Favorite