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Brink of Life

Book 2: Brink of Life Trilogy

A woman plunges into consciousness in the midst of what seems like someone else's life, sending her on a quest to discover who she is and to craft an identity that makes sense within her current circumstances. As she digs into the mystery of her life, she uncovers a top-secret government organization plotting world domination and a clandestine vigilante organization dedicated to destroying it and is caught between these warring factions. Nobody in her new world is exactly who they appear to be, including herself. Identity, she learns, is complicated and inseparable from the body in which it resides.


This story is another page-turner that leads the reader one step closer to the final conclusion in this advanced society between good and evil and understanding the fine line between the two. Star Rating 5/5

San Francisco Book Review


Brink of Life is a beautiful meld of science fiction and paranormal, a story with sophisticated characters and a strong plot. The narrative is done in an exciting and confident tone, with crisp and beautiful prose punctuated with engaging and plot-driven dialogues. 5 Stars  (Reviewed combined with The Creators)

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